Adhoc Advertising

formed or used for specific or immediate problems or needs.

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Last we looked, it was 2017. We can “binge view” entire seasons of our favorite shows, listen to radio stations calibrated to our individual taste, and wear one-of-a-kind shoes that we designed on our laptop yesterday.

It’s the age of the customizable buying experience.

Yet advertising agencies remain “one size fits all.” CMOs pay for holding company overhead they never see, posh offices they seldom visit, and salaries of senior management who never touch your ads.
That’s why we invented AdHoc.

We’re a group—we like the term “guild”— of experienced, award-winning advertising professionals who solve marketing problems on an as-needed basis. The guild can expand or contract to fit any project.

What kinds of projects?
Glad you hypothetically asked: Product launches. An opportunity that’s been languishing in a desk drawer. A fresh perspective on a tough issue that your current agency hasn’t been able to crack. To us, those aren’t projects. They’re problems. And solving problems is what we do.

Once you’ve identified the problem you need help on, contact us. We’ll identify the right people for the job and give you a price to complete it.

Who are these “professionals”? Will AdHoc be populated by “ad hacks”?
See what we did there? We beat our competitors to the easiest joke imaginable. So if they employ this lowest-hanging-clunker of a yuck, they’ll look like hacks, not us.
But we digress. You’ve probably read a book or article about the burgeoning, entrepreneurial creative class who’d rather sell their skills to the highest bidder than to an industry whose business model requires work to be performed by junior employees in order to turn a profit.

We’ve read those books and articles, too. So we reached out to Effie-winning strategists, Cannes-winning creatives, planners versed in the fragmented media landscape, and seasoned account people who can wrangle everyone toward a common goal, on time and on budget. They’re all part of our guild (love that word) and we can access any of them based on your needs.

And after we deliver fresh ideas and turn-key creative, the guild members making up the team for your project will disband—and you stop paying, unless you want us to produce the results. We can do that at the highest level, too.

Web designers, planners, social media experts, Super Bowl commercial writers, directors—you name it, we’re connected. And if we don’t have the right people for your project, we probably know who does, and we’ll refer you to them.

So is AdHoc an advertising agency?
We understand the impulse to label us. AdHoc is a…is a…what, exactly?
Labeling saves time.

If by advertising, you mean solving marketing problems through strategy and creativity, then, yes, we’re an ad agency. On the other hand, we define advertising as anything a good marketer might use to solve that problem. So while most agencies claim to be proficient in every media, but tend to sell whatever media they
already possess expertise in, we look for the best solution.

That could be a TV spot, an online video, a mailer to vendor partners, a Vine-based promotional program, a smart phone app, or strategically-placed talking magpies.

Of course, if you want us to stick to a specific medium, we can do that, too. That’s AdHoc in a nutshell (or a Russian nesting doll if you’re feeling international). If you like what you’re hearing, contact